At Spotawheel, we strive to fix the largely broken used cars market across Europe

We are on a journey to become the most trusted and customer-centric online used-car platform. Are you ready to join the ride?

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Innovate our way forward

  • We think big, challenge everything, prioritize the meaningful, but most of all, strive to do it all really well!
  • By using resources, setting processes and questioning old mindsets, we become better; nothing stands still.
  • We believe reimagining the wheel is smart, reinventing the wheel is not; we value innovative ideas that build on a solid foundation.
  • We value simplicity and speed, bringing great results while evolving as a team!
  • Our aim is to do it right the first time.

Maximize value for our customers

  • We have a client-centric mindset, always starting from our customers’ needs.
  • We insist on the highest standards throughout the customer journey!
  • First and foremost, we respect our customers' time and money.
  • Transparency is our founding DNA; we are committed to deliver the truth, good or bad.
  • We value accountability and ownership in everything we do; each and every one of us is dedicated to creating memorable experiences for every single customer!

Empower our people to make a difference

  • We provide the canvas for each team-member to become the best they could be, get excited and unleash their potential!
  • We constantly develop one another by offering a culture of mentorship and transparent feedback-feedforward.
  • We value inclusivity and foster a caring, open-door work environment.
  • We celebrate and reward ownership and accountability; we believe that each and every one of us can make a difference!
  • Our culture encourages calculated risk-taking and learning through mistakes. After all, no one day is the same at Spotawheel!

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are committed to Equal Employment Opportunity regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, gender or age.


April 2015

Spotmechanic starts its operations. It is the 1st on-site used cars inspection service in Greece!

Athens, Greece
March 2016

Spotawheel goes live! Based on top-notch technology, it becomes the fastest-growing used cars platform.

Athens, Greece
March 2019

Spotawheel starts its expansion across Europe.

Warsaw, Poland
July 2020

Spotawheel continues its expansion in Poland with a new branch.

Silesia, Poland
August 2020

Spotawheel continues its expansion in Poland with a new branch.

Poznań, Poland
August 2020

Spotawheel continues its expansion in Poland with a new branch.

Kraków, Poland
September 2020

Spotawheel continues its expansion in Poland with a new branch.

Wrocław, Poland
Where to next?

Our people help us drive ahead on the journey to success. Join the ride & help shape the future!

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100+ happy employees in 6 locations across Europe

What our employees say about us...

Nikos Vavoulas

Spotawheel feels like home for every person that lives and breathes technology. It gives you the opportunity to explore state-of-the-art tech and expand your skill-set while you develop software that practically changes the world by creating added-value, client-centric services.

Babis Papakonstantinou
Software Engineer (Group)

Working as a Software Engineer at Spotawheel is challenging and exciting! Spotawheel is a high-tech company which allows one to give innovative solutions to demanding problems in a very fast-paced yet serene and friendly environment. I am really proud to be a part of this team!

Rica Tsampra
HR Generalist (Group)

For me, Spotawheel is energy; the energy of the people, the vibrant environment, the rapid growth that permeates everyone in the organization become one and create a unique experience that leads to one common sentiment: Fulfillment. That each and every one of us can make great things happen!


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