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Spotawheel is the fastest growing used cars platform in Europe, using efficient and customer centric proprietary technology to empower people to buy a reliable car.



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How it works

Pre-inspected used cars, from your fingertips, right at your doorstep.

We pre-inspect it

Each one of the cars you find in Spotawheel is accident free, inspected for mechanical issues and real kilometres.

We offer it transparently

Find the detailed inspection report, high quality photos, videos, 360 captures and extended information to make a right decision.

Test Drive or Buy Online

Choose between a Test Drive delivered at your doorstep or a touchless way to buy your next car and get covered with up to 5 years warranty!

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mechanical inspection in Europe

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We are fostering a team of exceptional people that will challenge and change the used cars status quo to deliver amazing experiences for our customers.


Our Customers say...

Ilias BMW X5

Spotawheel won me over from the first phone call! A team of young people with a passion for cars is something that you rarely come across in the used car industry. Regarding my X5, it was delivered to my doorstep for a test drive and I bought it without second thoughts! Shortly after my sister also bought her new vehicle, a Toyota Rav4 from Spotawheel. Her car is likewise excellent. I am sure Spotawheel has a grand prospect ahead!


It is difficult for me to trust others, however, this is the second car I have purchased from Spotawheel within four months! This fact on its own is enough to show how satisfied I am. If i ever were to buy a third car, I would pick Spotawheel again!

Gerasimos Ford Focus

At first, I was introduced to you as SpotMechanic. Later on, I came to you looking for a VW Golf. It was then and there when I decided I will be purchasing my new car from Spotawheel! Your sales team did not try to sell me any car but rather tried to understand my individual needs through discussion. In the end, your suggestions were spot-on!

Sebastian VW GOLF

The technical condition of the car convinced me, along with full-service documentation. I took the free test drive and this confirmed my choice was right.

Konrad Kia Sportage

I decided to buy it because I found a well-kept car. For the first time, I also encountered such a long warranty, which makes me sure that I have bought a car for years. I also appreciate the friendly and competent service.

Rafał Kia Sportage

I liked the car right away and I knew it would be a Kia Sportage. The technical condition was very good. After the test drive, the only dilemma was about the color :)